SP Tropin 100iu


Product name: SP Tropin

Brand: SP laboratories

Generic name: Somatropin

Packaging: (10iu x 10 Vials) per Kit

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What is the use of SP Tropin 100iu ?

Buy SP Tropin 100iu helps to limit the production of insulin, which interferes with fat burning. It promotes the development of muscle mass.

It helps stimulate the user of fat for energy. It therefore lowers the level of fat in the body. It Improves the elimination of fluids from the body.

Advantages of SP Tropin 100iu

Buy SP Tropin 100iu gives some advantages to the user. In addition to taking his direct part in stimulating muscle growth, he also:

normalizes metabolic processes (more proteins are spent on building muscles, less fat is deposited in reserve)


  • inhibits muscle catabolic processes


  • enhances the process of lipolysis (burning) of fats


  • increases the store of glycogen in the liver


  • allows you to quickly regenerate new tissue and heal body wounds


  • increases the size and number of cells in the liver, sex and thymus glands


  • improves skin tone (regulates collagen synthesis)


  • increases the growth of young people up to the closure of growth zones (25 years)


  • strengthens the articular – ligamentous apparatus


  • increases sexual performance


  • improves the lipid composition of the blood (lowers bad cholesterol)



The dosage and application of SP Tropin 10iu will vary depending on the desired results. For example, if you are a weight lifter or bodybuilder, you can use HGH for up to 12 weeks. The recommended dosage ranges from 5 to 10 units per day. After the course is over, you can use the drug as a fat burner. Those taking a huge amount of supplements can add insulin to their hormone therapy. This helps to reduce the stress on the pancreas. For maximum benefit, it is useful to supplement the course of taking this medicine with a good nutritional plan. You can order Nutropin AQ here also.


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